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Our Maldives tuna is considered, to be one of the best yellowfin tuna qualities available on the world market. The main reason for this superb quality is way it is handled for catch till final product. Starting with only catching this tuna by Hand-line which is the most sustainable way, no risk of unnecessary by-catch like dolphins or turtles and minimize damage to the fish. From that point forward the full process is closely controlled and monitored. Cool-chain, hygiene, gentle handling, speed of process and above all respect for the product make this tuna unbeatable in quality.

Packed according customers demand and immediately shipped by airfreight to The Netherlands all within 24 hours to deliver you a stunning and very fresh product.

Hand-line caught from the Maldives


Considered to be the finest scallop the world has to offer, our hokkaido scallops are preffered by chefs all over the world.

These wild caught scallops have a sweet delicate flavour and are a treat for everyone who is lucky enough to eat one.

Preffered by chefs all over the world


With a high flesh content and beautifull texture, it can be served raw but also having a great versatillity when cooked. The clean and natural flavour makes it suitable for both eastern and western preparations. High in omega 3 and 6, low in cholesterol, the Hiramasa Kingfish is truly a genuine culinary star.

Sashimi quality product frozen at -70 C directly after harvest. Controlled re-freshed on customers demand and delivered within 24 hours following the confirmed order.

High in omega 3 and 6


We select these suppliers not only for their superb quality but we also take a close look at the added-value, like traceability, sustainability, what does this company do for their community?